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Beef hind quarter

Beef hind quarter of the top quality wholesale

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After the cutting within the temperature between 0 and 5 degrees centigrade cool parts of the beef hind quarters are packed into briquettes, frozen with French equipment within the temperature of -32 degrees centigrade and kept within the temperature of -18 degrees centigrade. Thus we WARRANT that the meat bought from us will conserve its taste during the whole  validation term (13 days after the date of killing).

Meat leader company supplies with the first sort of the beef hind quarter wholesale.

Hind quarter is a piece of muscles on the bone taken from the coxal part. The bone brings a special flavour and rich taste. Such meat is universal product, which is known for easy cooking and excellent taste.

The hind quarter is applied for cooking slurry, hammered steaks; meat can be baked with big pieces added to vegetables, potatoes and mushrooms. They often infumate the  hindquarters and serve it as a cold dish. Owing to small fat layer the hindquarter is used for cooking baked ham and home-made gammon.

Professional employees join the best Ukrainian beef with the high European standards related to working with the meat and conserving it. The company keeps all th laws of veterinary control as well as the state quality standards.