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Beef shoulder-blade

The top quality shoulder-blade, wholesale

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Meat Leader company freezes the meat in the shocking refrigeration cell within the temperature of -32 degrees centigrade, then it is kept in specially designed French cells within the temperature of -18 degrees during the whole validation term (13 days from the date of killing the animal). Thus the initial taste quality.

Buying the top quality shoulder-blade is possible.

Beef shoulder-blade is a part of the hind quarter, which is attached to the shoulder of a cow’s or a bull’s body.
This meat is likely to contain hard muscles and joints, which makes the meat easy to cook.

While cooking the meat is typically cut from the shoulder-blade in order to smother or fry. Dishes made of the shoulder-blade are served with side dishes, among which mushrooms, pasta and different vegetables are good.

Chefs combine beef with dry fruit and fresh berries, sour-milk products as well as apply vine and beer. Dishes of beef shoulder-blade make the stomach function better, bring positive impact on blood vessels, make metabolism faster and have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant action.

Fresh beef shoulder-blade should be kept in refrigerator. We have organised our own service of quality control with the most contemporary equipment and the best experts. Each lot of meat, with no exception, undergoes strict control.