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The top sort beef

The top sort beef wholesale

In the Meat Leader company the top sort Beef is cut within the temperature between 0 and 5 degrees Centigrade, cold parts of the top sort beef are packed into briquettes, vacuumized and are frozen with the French equipment until the temperature reaches -32 degrees Centigrade and are conserved within -18 degrees. Thus we may WARRANT that the meat purchased from us will conserve its noble taste during the whole validation term (13 days from the day of killing).

The top sort of beef is the chest and back parts as well as fillet, rump, top side and knuckle. The beef may be obtained from both meat and milk breeds of catle, but Meat Leader company provides the meat of cows and bulls brought to killing only in order to provide the max quality of meat products. The meat supplies are performed wholesale, the minimum weight is 2 tons.

Many dishes could be cooked with different parts of the top sort beef. The knuckle is cut into pieces and then you can get a great beef-steak. Bigger pieces, weighing more than a kilogram, make an delicious roast-beef.

The top side is the rear leg consisting of three boltings. This is the meat with great taste qualities and they typically smother it on a low fire.

The rump is known because of tender meat located on the last three ribs. As a rule, it is baked with the bones and sometimes it is cut into pieces in order to cook a grilled beef-steak either with a bone or without the one.

The chest and back parts are good enough to cook meat soup or stew. Having removed the bones they roll the fat layer of the meat, tie it and bake. The chest part is often salted, so that we get an excellent dish.

We have organised our own service of quality control with the most contemporary equipment and the best specialists. Each lot of meat is controlled thoroughly with no exceptions. Among our customers there are large manufacturers of semi-finished and sausage products, various organizations that sell catering services and buy small wholesale products, supermarkets and retail trade sites and  they must be 100% sure about the quality and freshness of the meat bought by them.