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Beef of the 2nd sort

The 2nd sort beef of the highest quality, wholesale

Meat Leader experts use the newest European technologies to collect and conserve meat during its entire validation term. The company meets all the regulations of veterinary control and quality standards. We have set up our own service of quality control with the most contemporary equipment and the best experts.

Buying beef of the second sort with top quality is possible wholesale.

Meat of the second sort is shanks and lean.

Shanks are the bottom part of beef cattle leg whose composition is a lot of fixations and strings. While cutting such meat. you get portions of meat with a bone.

Although shranks contain a lot of strings, fixations, joints, with the qualified cooking it is possible to get a meal with great taste. The meat contains low calories, though the meals are rich.

The shanks are in use while cooking jellied meat, broth and brawn. You can also smother this hard meat on the low fire and after 3 or 4 hours you will get a great and tender meal.

Shanks have curing features, they provide blood-creating effect, so they are useful for those who had surgeries recently and had massive blood leak. Due to low calories this kind of meat is good for people with exceeding weight.

Beef lean has got a good deal of strings and joints. However, it has also got good taste qualities. This kind of beef is good enough for slurry, jelly, gulyas and bouillon.

Each lot of meat with no exception undergoes strict control. Among our customers there are large manufacturers of semi-finished and sausage products, various organizations that sell catering services and buy small wholesale products, supermarkets and retail trade sites, restaurants and hotel and they must be 100% sure about the quality and freshness of the production they buy. The best meat of the 2nd sort could be bought wholesale and by democratic price.