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Beef of the 1st sort

The 1st sort beef, wholesale

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After dissection the cold parts of flank, as well as humeral and spatulate ones are put into briquettes within the environment temperature between 0 and 5 degrees Centigrade to get vacuumized and frozen with French equipment applied. The temperature to reach is -32 degrees Centigrade and then the products are kept within the environment tempreture of -18 degrees Centigrade. Thus we WARANT you that the meat you buy from us will preserve its best taste quality, during the entire validation term (13 days from the day of killing the animals).

The first sort meat is humeral, spatulate parts as well as cattle flank.

Spatulate part may be different by the degree of softness which depends on the place of its location. Spatulate beef is applied for cooking soups, gulyases and cutlets. Humeral beef is for cooking bouillons, soups, it is possible to smother or cook the cutlets.

Cattle flank is the 1st sort meat taken from abdominal part of bull, cow and calf body. Flank is peculiar by a layer of fat, lack of bones and thick meat. It is used by chefs to cook borsch, soups, bakes and cutlets. Flank is often used in salads but the product is the most popular as a baked roulade.

The best Ukrainian flank, humeral and spatulate beef parts may be ordered wholesale from Meat Leader company. Mea selling is done at affordable price, keeping the top quality of the production in full compliance with State Standards of Ukraine and European quality standards.

Buying beef of the second sort with top quality is possible wholesale, the minimum weigh is 1 tons.