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Cured fillet of beef

Beef cured fillet of the top quality, wholesale

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We have organised our own service of quality control with the most contemporary equipment and the best specialists. Each lot of meat is controlled thoroughly with no exceptions.  Among our customers there are large manufacturers of semi-finished and sausage products, various organizations that sell catering services and buy small wholesale products, supermarkets and retail trade sites and  they must be 100% sure about the quality and freshness of the meat bought by them.

After the cutting within the temperature between 0 and 5 degrees centigrade cool parts of the beef cured fillet are packed into briquettes, frozen with French equipment within the temperature of -32 degrees centigrade and kept within the temperature of -18 degrees centigrade. Thus we WARRANT that the cured fillet bought from us will conserve its taste during the whole  validation term (13 days after the date of killing).

Meat Leader company gives opportunity to buy the top quality beef cured fillet wholesale, the minimum weight is 40 kg.

Beef cured fillet is back and bottom muscles of beef bodies.

The meat which was not under physical pressure while the cattle was alive is taken for cookery purpose. Due to the specifics of the selection, the meat does not contain hard joints and muscles and it is peculiar form the minimal fat filling.

This production is really delicious, rich in protein with minimum fat involved.

Cured fillet of beef
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