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The top quality production that complies with European standards

Our work is to produce cold and frozen meat and by-products, beef and pork.

We do our best to satisfy our customers, so we enlarge the variety of the products. Today ‘Meat Leader’ offers you meat products of the top quality for affordable price.

Particular attention is being paid to the manufacturers of semi-finished and sausage products, because they require prompt supplies.

Любой из наших клиентов уже убедился на опыте сотрудничества с нами, насколько для нас важны наши принципы и как они помогают нам оставаться действительно лидерами в своей нише:

  • For every stage of work with meat production there is a special plant dealing with stages from killing till refrigeration.

    Each process is controlled and a separate expert is responsible for every procedure, this is why our work is developed to perfection!

    All the process from supplying to selling the meat is rendered by us in compliance with all the sanitary terms, all the production is covered with the required paperwork.

  • Жесткий контроль качества закупаемого сырья и скота, с учетом всех действующих санитарных норм. Мы не покупаем животных в карантинных зонах или от непроверенных доставщиков. Каждая туша тщательно проверяется в санитарной лаборатории, где устанавливается ее микробиологическая безопасность;
  • Пунктуальность. Это качество особенно важно, когда речь идет о скоропортящемся продукте, для которого даже сутки опоздания могут стать катастрофой.

Our company has proved that it is a respectable selling ground, where it is possible to buy meat wholesale from the reliable manufacturer.

Our constant customers:

  • Large manufacturers of semi-finished and sausage products.
  • Different organizations, providing services on nutrition and buying the products wholesale.
  • Supermarkets and selling grounds dealing with retail sales.
  • Places of nutrition and hotel economic activity.

Since we work without agents while selling meat from the manufacturer, our production is available for any consumer. Our company has positioned itself as a responsible and reliable partner in selling and supplying meat. Today it keeps leading positions in the South of Ukraine.